100 Days Challenge, Day 15 – The Gym, to Swim, and Weigh in, Weigh in!

So… I’ve been using this planner religiously every single day since we started this challenge because LIFE goals need to be tracked especially as a single parent working a full-time job and trying to work on her dreams all the while fulfilling the dreams of her stars! Some of you may be thinking “Well, what’re the numbers?!” and my answer to some of you eager peepers is “You no like story time, just scroll to da bottom page.” That was my pidgin coming out.

We’re not following much of really any specific diet to try to lose the weight in 100 days,but we are tracking our calories using Noom (for my teenager) and MyFitnessPal (for myself). We’re also using the Couch to 5K app because the Airforce recruiter said cardio, Cardio, CARDIO!

The goal for this challenge is to focus on one goal for my son and that is to lose 20 to 25 pounds so he can join the Airforce and leave preferably close to graduation timeline of May 2019… no longer than August 2019. He’s also overweight in general for his height so this is also for him to get his body back to normalcy. We’ve recently discovered tiny negative changes in his body like a finger being swollen and a lump under his arm. Let’s take care of the lifestyle change and revamp to a healthier extraordinary star, shall we?

Plus, my priorities have always been my boys first, and I would personally feel like a failure if I don’t take the responsibility of helping him lose the weight as his personal trainer, drill sergeant and loving mom.

But I also have other goals like finally getting rid of my student debt, helping Ryunn read more and be active as well. So, setting up my priorities in little bits like 100 Days Challenges makes sense to me because it feels like ONLY 100 Days.

There will clearly be unforeseeable events that will happen this month and next year, so I just must take it one day at a time. I must be flexible in both our exercise regimen and diet because life happens, and we’re going to get through it together!

Alrighty then!! So, so far, here’s how I break down a typical week so far in December:

100 Days Challenge Week: Days 15 to 21

Saturday – DAY OFF! Gym to swim and/or StairMaster or cardio machine for an hour, eat out(yes, we eat out once a week because I’m a HORRIBLE cook and crock pot recipes die out by Fridays if not Thursdays), play games at home, budget update, sleep late!

Sunday – Run day! 3 miles-ish plus 50 push-ups, and 50 sit-ups upon arrival back home (Couch to 5K), WORK, crock pot dinner, blogging when boys are in bed

Monday – If Uriel has done PT in school for JROTC then he’s good the rest of the day. Otherwise, Circuit Day! We pick 10 different body weight workouts and do 30 each of everything vigorously for an entire 10 minutes. 5 minutes running in place and stretching before and after the circuit starts. Read with Ryunn, schedule haircut appointment for Uriel. Dinner – leftovers.

Tuesday –Rest Day for Uriel, Run Day for me. Dinner – leftovers. Talk with Ryunn. It’s also Twin Day so I gotta make sure Ryunn and I wear the same T-shirt 😉

Wednesday –Insanity Workout! These are crazy tiring, I’ll be making spaghetti for dinner tonight using Kale noodles (I hope it’s good) and usually on Insanity Days, I make sure we all sleep early. Read with Ryunn.

Thursday – RECOVERY DAY! Uriel has Finals today, gets off at 11:40 AM. It’s PJ Day for Ryunn so WARM PJs NEEDED! We all 3 have a dental appointment at 5:15 PM, then I should make time for blogging at night. Talk with Ryunn. Dinner – leftover spaghetti, oatmeal with whey or salad with chicken or tuna.

Friday-SCHOOL and DAY OFF! Also, Run Day! Uriel has Finals and ends at 11:40 AM. I’m cleaning house while school is in session on my weekdays off. Read with Ryunn. Uriel’s haircut today. Dinner – oatmeal with whey or salad with chicken or tuna. Happy Christmas Break!!

And presto! I know it doesn’t have all the necessary parts, but eh, it’s a good start, yeah?

And without further ado, we started Day 1 of this Challenge precisely on December 1, 2018. Uriel’s weight was 198.8 (pounds) and I was 138.6. To date of December 15, 2018, Uriel’s weight is 190 and mine is 135.6. Ryunn is not trying to lose weight, but he wanted to get on the scale as well, and I noticed he also fell in weight from 75 to 70(most likely from swimming lessons!).

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