Being a single parent is not easy, especially to a Gifted Talented child and then a child with Developmental Speech and Learning Delay(my couple stars). Getting it all done and then some can be difficult but at the end of the day when I meditate on the things I’m grateful for, it’s always worth it.

A Couple Stars is about our story into just trying to make it in life while going through the challenges of work, homemaking, helping the Extraordinary reach his goals and helping the Peculiar take another baby step into reading, understanding about the world, not being afraid to try new things and not give up.

I’m hoping that you’ll find some useful and entertaining information here and know that you are not alone. My goal is to reach out to all the awesome single parents out there to help you get motivated and continue to grow while helping your little one(s) to reach their goals as well. It is achievable!!


My name is Bea, and I’m a busy single parent to an especially talented and charismatic teenager (Uriel) and a very affectionate and soft-hearted boy (Ryunn). I started A Couple Stars literally about a month or two ago. I have always been the type of person who wants to keep memories because I’ve become VERY forgetful since Ryunn was born.

I never thought about blogging, and I noticed how much I was reading A BUNCH of them! I thought it would be a great way to keep my memories, challenges, and little wins in print and so hopefully others may make use of it also.

I have worked full time, part time, temporary, and unemployed for all of Ryunn’s life. It was easier with Uriel but when you have a child with a disability, it’s not a life-throws-you-a-curve-ball kind of thing. This is a LIFE! Yet… even with all the challenges, the rewards are still unfathomable. It’s not easy but being a single parent since 2001 has made me persistent and focused into always bettering myself to be a good role model to my boys, my stars.

Besides being an active and working single parent and newb blogger, I’m also a Captioning Agent, and a retired soldier. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Economics, but there weren’t many jobs available in Hawaii’s Big Island in Hilo. And to live on Oahu is so expensive we have been homeless atone point as well. I didn’t grow up comfortable. I lived BELOW the poverty level.  

You find out your priorities, and for single parents I’m sure it’s mostly flexibility. I gave up a good paying military career with no flexibility for a minimum wage job with great flexibility… well, at least 90%of the time.

When I genuinely find some free time (mostly after I put my youngest to bed), I like to read and play mobile games on my phone. Don’t judge me, I’ve been a video gaming geek since I was a little tomboy but now must settle for portable games as I choose other priorities in my life. I also love to travel and learn and try new things. I recently took up snowboarding since having moved from Hawaii to Colorado.


I would love to hear from readers, so please leave a comment! You can also email me at bea (@) Mahalo plenty!!