Am I Really Going to Divulge This? Frick… Embarrassment and Awkwardness are Creeping Up

Dear Sweetie let's become debt free by 2020

It’s STILL Step One and I am already not wanting to continue. Besides, reading over the whole chapter again and I have found no areas to where I should count my retirement savings. It’s NOT liquid, nor is it fixed. So, I’m really deciding whether to even giving away the rest of my asset information.

I’m starting to visualize all the judgmental-ness that’s about to ensue, and I’m wondering if I should even count my other assets in the first place.

Around 2007 was my first start into this journey. I’ve certainly come into my own as a teenager. I was usually the one that guys think is cute and ridiculed by gals because of it. I found this out the hard way during military training for the Army. My self-esteem wasn’t as high as I wish it was. My first relationship was emotionally and physically abusive. I gave everything I had and more to a guy who wasn’t even worth it. So, having successful, wealthy and intelligent older men value my time and companionship so much that they would pay with expensive gifts and thousands of dollars for it was liberating and life-changing to the tune of approximately $366,000.

I’m no prostitute, and no escort. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have any sexual intercourse with any of them because they respected me and my decisions. But I would let them get away with the occasional ass-smack. I am a Sugar Baby and I am VERY reserved about my sugar life because of the discriminating opinions of my traditionalistic family and friends.

This whole program has really made me reminisce about my life thus far. It has been difficult to alter my mindset about myself because I grew up in a domestic violence situation. But I’ve grown up rapidly because of it and having been a sugar baby has motivated me to see myself as a person of worth and to know what to look for in an ideal forever man.

I’ve also been able to not work for a few years thanks to my sugar income. I now wish I had invested into a retirement account though because it’s not pretty to look at. Peculiarly, I’m feeling cheerful and more desirous to go through the Financial Independence Program and make good financial decisions.

I understand that my net worth will change from month to month so here’s what I’ve calculated so far:

  Value (Asset) Hindrance (Debt)
Cash on Hand $65.00 X
Checking Account $7,358.40 X
Savings Account $11,001.30 X
Savings for my boy $6,011.06 X
Thrift Savings Plan $4,108.11 X
401(k) $1,144.39 X
Credit Card X X
Personal Loan X $7,791.03
TOTAL $29,688.26 $7,791.03

Net Worth: $29,688.26 – $7,791.03 = $21,897.20 (or… $15,886.17 if I don’t count savings for my boy because I really don’t want to touch that)

Note that I’m not counting my Fixed Assets and Other Assets because well, you know personal finance, it’s personal.

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