Get Fixated on Your Goals and Live without Justifications

“The new stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” – Melody Beattie

Not long ago, I caught myself making up a few justifications as to why I couldn’t run today. “My oldest son doesn’t even want to go; he’s tired so I’m tired also; I have to work today; baby, it’s cold outside!” are some of the things I tried persuading myself.

To me, an excuse is dishonesty to oneself. It’s a justification for our decision as to why we should or shouldn’t do some things.

I’ve learned that you can justify anything that you can come up in the world for not doing something you regard with importance, but that wouldn’t get you closer to your goals.

The strongest thing that will help you be where you want in life is your Why for your goals. The answer to “Why is this goal important to me?” MUST be stronger than any excuse you can make up in your mind.

This post will provide information as to how to develop your goals and live with little to none of your justifications. Notice I didn’t say all, because nothing is perfect in life. I trust you to make the best decisions for your goals in life.

Construct Your Goals Dominant over your Justifications

“A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody/something else.” – John Burroughs

Boy standing on ladder reaching for the clouds

Science says 92% of people do not achieve their goals. And the explanation is because 92% of people are not passionate enough about their goals.

To become passionate enough about your goals, you must only do 3 things:

  • Making sure your WHY, your reason for completing, nay, undergoing your goals brings up intense feeling within you
  • Tracking and/or journaling your goals to provide yourself performance reviews
  • Avoid multitasking. Focus on ONE goal at a time

Making sure your Why brings up intense feelings is much easier if they line up with your values. You can then base your actions and decisions on your values and goals and in turn build self-assurance and confidence.

Tracking and keeping a journal helps you to remain motivated. Focusing on one thing at a time will help you plan your main goal for each day without all the kerfuffle over which goals to focus on.

We Have More Than Enough Money if we Decide Carefully

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

5 US Dollar on brown wooden surface

There used to be a time when people would justify that they don’t have ‘enough time,’ the new excuse people make now is, “I don’t have the money to do this.”

But the problem isn’t money! What’s absent is your comprehension and appreciation of your aptitudes, skills, your potential and gifts, and how you can use them in service to others.

We’ve been brainwashed that it’s totally fine to justify a lack of development with the lack of money. The last time I checked, reading is free, and so is the library. If you really and truly what to know about something, you’d go out of your way to find out the information, preferably without having to spend a cent.

Regardless of who you are, what you have undergone in life, the challenges you have faced, the education you may or may not have, you LIVED, and you EXPERIENCED.  You will have something of great significance to provide to others that they will need, and they will pay you handsomely for it.

Don’t let lack of finances be the reason to stop you achieving your goals.

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” – Ayn Rand

You must liberate and appreciate yourself. As you take control of your money, you will find your potential and use it to serve others and make the money you deserve. Let 2019 be the year to stop making justifications. Empower and appreciate yourself. You are ready and very much deserving of everything you want, but it takes effort and action to get there. It’s time. Just remember, one goal at a time.

Arrangement for the Challenge – Under the Wire “Needs”

2.5 hours until the end of Week 1 of our 100 Days to lose 20 Challenge! Aside from that we also have 23 more days until 2019 comes a waking me up… and we haven’t gone through Christmas yet!

By the way though, Merry Christmas in advance and Happy Holidays!

Writings on a Planner saying hello December
Aaah!! So very needed and did I tell you I love, love, LOVE notebooks?

Since we’ve been on the Challenge for 7 Days now, I was thinking that I should really keep track of our progress and such and hurry up and bought a planner last minute. Besides our progress, it would be nice to track other things also like holidays, birthdays, travelling excursions and why not my budget while I’m at it because I just really love to write everything except all my passwords down… maybe I should start writing those down as well because if I had a dollar for every time I clicked on ‘Forgot Password’ I think I could even set a record!

I’ll plan for almost all of it right NOW and then the whole 100 Days will be a whole lot more EFFORTLESS.

I probably should buy an undated planner with different color pens and then I will be set for any annoying, distressing, why-are-you-deciding-to-do-THAT-now changes in schedule bits.

It’s not all that bad, but it’s worth a try, yeah?

There are some items that I have bought in my hasty impatience to help myself get organized for this challenge. I just NEED this stuff, alright? I don’t have any spending issues!! Much… maybe I should track my spending on my new notebooks as well.

Colored pens on case
I only bought like 5, 10 different colors I swear! These will come in handy I just know it!!

You’d be correct to think that yes, panic is setting in but that’s just not the case…yet. Maybe I’m in denial. I am a bit bothered about the reality of this goal, howto keep our motivations going, if it’s even possible to accomplish, and if we’ll really be able to succeed.

Only two people know of this challenge, and that’s my oldest son and boyfriend… I honestly don’t remember if I’ve told my parents about it yet. We’ll see, I’ll bring up the subject after this 100-Day journey. I feel that we should just take it one day at a time while figuring out how and/or which types of exercises to do and foods to eat that fits our family’s schedules all the while making mistakes and maybe hey, we may even have perfect days! 😊

Here We Go! We Got 100 Days to Lose 20-25 pounds!

A Couple Stars

I FINALLY managed to start this blog…

The New Year is almost here, but we cannot wait. As I’m writing it is now 29th November 2018 at 9:34 PM and counting. Finally! All I can think about right now is the next 100 Days.

From December 1st to March 10th my oldest son Uriel (whom I call my Extraordinary) and I must work together to help him lose 20 to 25 pounds to even be considered into the Airforce.

He graduates this coming May 2019 and I am very nervous because he’s one of those videogame junkies, you know, there’s already a dip in the mattress from too much sitting!!

I wanted to start this blog to document our journey daily… maybe weekly progress, to vent, my thoughts, feelings, opinions and comments about everything going through my mind in this journey with him.

I need this blog in order to also connect with other potential readers. I’m a single mother of two boys, my Couple Stars, whom I call my Extraordinary – because my oldest was born Talented particularly drawing, art, graphics, computer skills, poetry, humor, leadership and by golly even singing!

And, my Peculiar – my little one born with a Developmental Speech and Language Delay with a Learning Disability, but by Heavens this one knows how to spread the love, trust and affection all around.

Oh, and: I am doing this blog for myself and my boys. It’s just another way to look back and reminisce every 100 days’ journey.

My Idea…

Is to focus on 1 to 2 things every 100 days – even just to see what happens.

When I mentioned to my son that he needed to lose weight for the Airforce recruiter to even consider us, as the usual teenager expression go… I can’t friggin’ read what’s on his mind!

I continued to tell him that I have a plan, that I would help him, support him and be there every step of the way and he sighed and said “Okay…”

Then, I told my boyfriend what I was thinking about doing and he didn’t seem too excited about it. The expression he gave made me think he’s also nervous if Extraordinary can even pull off the discipline to stick to a workout routine.

I must tell you, I feel the same way. Which is why I resolved to doing this with my son! Now, I do NOT have to lose 20-25 pounds myself, but my goal would be to lose between 7-15 pounds.

The Airforce recruiter’s words reverberate in my mind, “25 pounds for a career. I’d say that’s worth it!”

I’m the type that feels like you should follow your dreams so long as you are surviving without drowning in debt. I am the typical single mom that gave up pay for a flexible work schedule especially for my Peculiar, so I make minimum wage.

In my Head and in my Heart…

I know plenty of people that have the same feelings as we do about weight loss, time management and goal setting and changing their eating habits – motivated and nervous and fearful and worried and <INSERT FEELING HERE!>!

In my head and in my heart, I hear, “YOU GUYS CAN DO IT! IT’S GOING TO SUCK AT TIMES, BUT YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT TOGETHER!” And truly, I believe this. I mean, I’ve been planning our meals and workouts – some of it – since the beginning of this month for all the moon and stars above!

I even bought both him and I a new planner so that we could track our 100 Days progresses together! But he just seems so UNINTERESTED! (or maybe it could be me, but he hasn’t even tried to read how to use his planner and we start in 2 days!)

I work a full-time job, a full-time single mommy at home, a girlfriend and everything else that I can be for the people I love.

I feel like I do a lot and… that’s where I am right now… starting December 1st, 2018 to March 10th, 2019, for 100 Days, I’m going to spend my money and time on 1. Helping my Extraordinary lose 20-25 pounds and myself lose 7-15 pounds, and 2. Give time to each of my boys (my boyfriend counts as one of ‘my boys’ hehehe) and I’m fully prepared for number 1 to stink.