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Fishy Fishy. Fishing Around for Liquid Assets

fishing pole

Someone went fishing around for information. I’m sure you can only guess. Under normal conditions, money isn’t something I’m very eager to divulge to anybody. I keep it as a secret to my family and friends, so strangers don’t have to know. You can relate, right? Thus, since I started this site a short while ago, I found myself just having…

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Step 1, Part 2 of the FI Program

cash piggy bank

The book italicizes, “Be prepared. You will be calculating your net worth, perhaps for the first time in your life.” I guess we’re gonna find out. Time to see where I stand financially. Liquid Assets Cash on hand… “Include the piggy bank, the change on your dresser, the emergency money hidden in the glove compartment” $65 and I’m sticking to this…

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What have you got to show for it?

man holding pastry bread

Step 1 of the FI Program has 2 parts to it. The first is finding out how much I’ve earned in my lifetime. The second is what have I got to show for all that money earned? In other words, I also have to find out my net worth… ‘by creating a balance sheet of assets and liabilities’! ‘For the years…

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The Launch Procedure – Step 1, Part 1

My very first paycheck came from Hawaii Job Corps. I started shortly after turning 18 which gives me August and then I ‘graduated’ January. So that’s 6 months, and in that time, I earned a gross of $50 every 2 weeks so that’s total earnings of $600. I had to phone a friend because I had forgotten how often we got…

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Readying for Step 1 of the Program – Checklist

2019 Agenda Calendar

Right, something like this because this is URGENT! After all, a little bit of excavation will pay off (I hope.) I figure I can work on step 1 slowly, year by year. My best source to help with this would be my tax forms. Unfortunately, though, I only have a few years back of it like the required seven that I’m…

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My own lade Money Guiding Spirit…

My own lade Money Guiding Spirit piggy bank

Says that ‘Money has traps’ and ‘We aren’t making a living, we’re making a dying’. I know, but I still HAVE TO spend money! Especially because I’m in debt. And making a dying, well, now that I think of my daily weekday schedule waking up promptly (give or take 6 minutes) at 6 AM and getting home tired after work then…

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Here I go! Setting out to acquire Financial Independence!

My aim is to become free! Free from debt and adjust my relationship with money – and I plan on following Vicki Robin’s 9 steps advice from ‘Your Money or Your Life’. I have not told my goal to any friends or relatives because for one, I’m pretty sure they’re going through enough in their own lives to really care and…

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Get Fixated on Your Goals and Live without Justifications

“The new stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” – Melody Beattie Not long ago, I caught myself making up a few justifications as to why I couldn’t run today. “My oldest son doesn’t even want to go; he’s tired so I’m tired also; I have…

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