Crock-Pot Chicken Finish

Here’s an Ono (means ‘delicious’ in Hawaiian) recipe I got from my Ma. It’s really good if you’re busy and have no time to cook or just lazy. I’m mostly busy, a bit lazy but my number one reason is I’m helpless in the kitchen. And if you really have some picky eaters like mine, My Peculiar gives this recipe a thumbs up.

If an awkward person like me can make this, anybody can!

Plan for this recipe when you have potlucks as well! In Hawaii we call this Shoyu Chicken because Shoyu is the brand of soy sauce mostly used in Hawaii. My little sister got me a Black + Decker Crock-Pot from Target.

Simple Shoyu Chicken Recipe


  • 2 pounds of chicken thighs (skinless and boneless preferred)
  • ½ cup soy sauce
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • ¾ cup Hawaiian Bar-B-Que Sauce
  • Gallon size zip lock bag

Stir the soy sauce, brown sugar, and Bar-B-Que Sauce together in a medium sized bowl. Put chicken thighs in a zip lock bag. Add the mixture to the chicken and close the zip lock bag.

Shake the bag (make sure it’s zipped tightly) to coat the chicken thighs and marinade overnight. The next morning, pour ALL the contents of the zip lock bag into a crock-pot and set for low 8 hours, or high 6 hours.

** Marinating overnight is optional but the chicken tastes WAY better! Also, for the Hawaiian sauce make sure to get the Bar-B-Que not the Teriyaki but hey if you tried it out and it tastes just as good let me know! 😊

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