Here I go! Setting out to acquire Financial Independence!

My aim is to become free! Free from debt and adjust my relationship with money – and I plan on following Vicki Robin’s 9 steps advice from ‘Your Money or Your Life’.

I have not told my goal to any friends or relatives because for one, I’m pretty sure they’re going through enough in their own lives to really care and two, when I think of Financial Independence, from where I’m at right now, I would call it a miracle if I ever get there before 50 anyway.

I’m good at following steps initially, sticking with them… kind of a new story. Which is why I’m documenting my journey. I feel safe here. I’m a single mother of two boys, my Couple Stars, whom I call my Extraordinary – because my oldest was born Talented particularly drawing, art, graphics, computer skills, poetry, humor, leadership and by golly even singing! – and my Peculiar – my little one born with a Developmental Speech and Language Delay with a Learning Disability, but by Heavens this one knows how to spread the love, trust and affection all around.

I have a variety of spending habits from buying what I want when I get paid to REALLY saving to not buying anything for myself but everything for my boys. I work hard to make sure they want for nothing, and they get the things I couldn’t have when I was their age because I grew up poor.

When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I remember my mother being so broke we lived off bread and ramen and sometimes I don’t think she would eat anything. She owed money to someone who I believe had built us a water pump outside, you know what it would look like if you Googled ‘poor countries water pump’. It was like those, but smaller. This was in the Philippines. My mother, little sister and I would hide and be quiet whenever the man came to get his money for his work.

That’s when I built my first feelings of fear around money and particularly, debt. I’m never late for a payment and I would REALLY think about how much I’d have to pay monthly before I even took out any loans. As of now, I have student loans that are SO CLOSE to be ridden of and a personal loan I took out for my mother to help her in her nursing home business venture.

As a single mom, especially with a special needs child, flexibility of a work schedule is priority when it comes to jobs so the most that I have held are minimum wage. So here I am, 7th of February 2019. Here I go!! 😊

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About the Author: Bea

Bea is a single parent mommy of a gifted-talented adolescent and another child with speech and learning disability. Her love for understanding, supporting and parenting these extraordinary and peculiar STARS of hers has led to her blog! When she's not surfing, stumbling on her own feet, or spending time with her boys, she's trying her hardest not to be the worst snowboarder in the Rockies.. self improvement, there's always room for self improvement! hehe

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