May 2019 Net Worth Duty

Today is Net Worth Duty update. Which is not bad, I believe I went up this month… I just hope that it gets better at the end of this month because I’m about to spend a bunch of money by switching to Iceland.

Although, some portion of my checking account was actually being saved for it anyway so yeah.

  Value (Asset) Hindrance (Debt)
Cash on Hand $66.00 X
Checking Account $7,182.70 X
Savings Account $11,002.70 X
Savings for my boy $6,021.80 X
Thrift Savings Plan $4,209.80 X
401(k) $1,239.80 X
Credit Card X X
Personal Loan X $7,378.57
TOTAL $29,722.30 $7,378.57

Net Worth: $29,722.30 – $7,378.57 = $22,343.70 (or… $16,321.90 without counting savings for My Peculiar) Hey! That’s up from last month’s net worth by $446.50! ($435.73 without counting my boy’s savings)

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