My own lade Money Guiding Spirit…

My own lade Money Guiding Spirit piggy bank

Says that ‘Money has traps’ and ‘We aren’t making a living, we’re making a dying’. I know, but I still HAVE TO spend money! Especially because I’m in debt. And making a dying, well, now that I think of my daily weekday schedule waking up promptly (give or take 6 minutes) at 6 AM and getting home tired after work then having to make dinner, have the boys shower and brush their teeth… I just want to lay on my bed and play my mobile games.

I presume the book would have some information about happiness… found it! Page 10!! Money Guiding Spirit says, “If the daily grind were making us happy, the irritations and inconveniences would be a small price to pay.” My daily grind in my opinion isn’t that bad. I tried to make sure that I found work within 10 miles of where I lived so I wouldn’t have to drive that far (about 7.5 miles) and I was lucky enough to have found a job with so much flexibility just in case I needed time off for my boys.

My intention of this program is to get free from debt, save money and get rid of my fear of money. Budgeting better, hopefully saving more, figuring out my enough point, you know da kine (‘da kine’ is not Hawaiian, but Pidgin for ‘the kind’ which really means ‘any kind’; ‘thingy’; ‘whatchamacallit’).

Additionally, my priorities list are as follows: 1. My Boys, 2. My Man, 3. My Money, 4. My Health, 5. My Hobbies… oh man, maybe my list is in the wrong order… this is gonna be more difficult than I thought… okay so there’s uncertainty comingling with my priorities but all I know is #1 STAYS #1.

I’m sure I’ll gain a better perspective that makes more sense as I go.

Of course, you’ll be able to see VERY PERSONAL erhm… standpoints because I’m about to reveal TMI up the ying yang like… well, things I spend money on. But what I like about the book ‘Your Money or Your Life’, it repeats, “No shame, no blame.”

Permitted! So… Step 1. A) “Find out how much money you have earned in your lifetime – the sum total of your gross income, from the first penny you ever earned to your most recent paycheck.”


This task is too much… I haven’t kept track! Oh wait, wait. The book also says, “While this is step 1 of the FI (Financial Independence) program, you don’t have to do it first. You need to do it eventually, but you can start with step 2 and come back to this step later.”

Thank my lucky stars. I got a couple! 😉

I can use old and/or online bank statements, old paychecks/stubs, resume referencing my job history, income tax returns, gifts, winnings, loans, etc. “Don’t stress over this step; just do the best job you can – it’s worth your time.”

Thank you for the pep talk, Money Guiding Spirit. I’ll be working on this quite slowly, but I’ll do my best to update as I go. There’s no way for me to be able to be completely thorough but I think rounding to the nearest thousand is a good start. Please join me if you would like to follow along on your own Financial Independence quest!!

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