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Right, something like this because this is URGENT!

After all, a little bit of excavation will pay off (I hope.) I figure I can work on step 1 slowly, year by year. My best source to help with this would be my tax forms. Unfortunately, though, I only have a few years back of it like the required seven that I’m supposed to be keeping.

I didn’t know I was supposed to hoard all of them Vicki! (Author of ‘Your Money or Your Life’) I’ve never worked for any tips (I’m a VERY poor cook so working with food won’t help any potential employers) nor have I worked in any jobs that paid under the table. Hey my readying is looking pretty easy!

Lost more than I ever won on scratch tickets (so I’m also VERY unlucky), and gifts from relatives… when I was younger and had received any monetary gifts, I remember the adults taking it for ‘safe keeping’ as they say. Never seen a dime of it so I’m not counting that.

Does gift cards for holidays count as cash prizes?

I would’ve posted my real resume but there was just so many personal info…

My other source would be my resume and memory. Sometimes my memory isn’t very concise, but you’d be surprised the things I can remember… and DON’T remember. Hehehe

It’s befitting to say that yuh-huh, I’m getting a bit nervous and tense about all of this. I’m worrying about if this program will work for me and if I’m able to even follow the program at all. I can’t believe I JUST started reading this book!

According to the book, you may also use the following CHECKLIST for readying:

  • Statement of earnings from Social Security
  • Income tax returns
  • Checkbook records
  • Old and current bank statements
  • Gifts
  • Winnings
  • Loans
  • Capital gains
  • Illegal sources
  • Contract labor not reported to the IRS (tips, babysitting, side gigs)

I’ve read a bunch of blogs talk about the book, and I don’t know why I waited so long. I am also a very sporadic procrastinator because I tend to put my family’s needs before my own and unfortunately, even my finances… and after being tired from making sure everybody is happy, I tend to play my mobile games to ‘get away from reality’. I guess we’ll just see and keep wondering how this is all going to pan out. So how much did I make my first year of working?? *Scrambles for resume*

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