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Nothing is more entertaining than being surprised to see how much I’m REALLY making when calculating life energy to earnings ratio.

I anticipated since I earned $333 a week, working 30 hours a week, I trade an hour’s worth of my life energy for $11.10 (yes, in Colorado, that’s minimum wage guys. SURPRISE!) See, you now know more about me than my friends on Facebook. But… I wasn’t prepared to be alarmed. In spite of finding out my real hourly wage, I still decided in the end to keep working with my current employer because I did a WHAT IF scenario calculation and found out that it wasn’t as bad as previous occupations I’ve held that paid more than minimum wage.

Last week, I’ve learned how much I was spending on alternatives to cooking, daycare and other things I would have done myself if I didn’t have to work. I’ve discovered that ambition can be quite expensive as well when I compared my real hourly wage with the minimum wage job I have now compared to the real estate job I previously held.

Yuh-huh. ☹ very much so.

Since you came this far with me (Hello!) I figured not to have you wait any longer.

Traveling to Work

“Getting to and from work incurs an expenditure of time or money, or both, whether you drive a car you own, grab a cab, rideshare, bicycle, walk, or take public transportation.” I drive a car. I travel between 30 to 45 minutes a day or about 3.5 a week at a cost, in gas, of $30 per week. ~ 3.5 hours/week, $30/week

Deck Out

“Are the clothes you wear at work the same ones you wear on your days off or on vacations – or do you need a special wardrobe to be appropriately attired for your job?” Well said Miss Robin I’ve never thought about this when I was in real estate but now, really, little bit. Hehe If I had to value changing my clothes for work and putting on make up SOME days, I spend between 10 to 15 minutes a day, about an hour a week costing me $5 per week. I LOVE getting to wear jeans to work! ~ 1 hour/week, $5/week


“Extra costs, in time and money, for meals affected by your job take many forms-for example, money for morning and afternoon coffee, time spend in line in the employees’ cafeteria, and meals ordered in or eaten out because you are too tired or busy to cook dinner.” I’ve really never thought about it before but Miss Robin You. Know. Me. I am ever grateful that my work provides an unlimited supply of coffee for me. My lunches, 30 minutes long, at the vending machines at work cost about $5 a week more than if I made lunch at home (I only eat at work once a week because I’m too tired sometimes), and the meals eaten out with my boys come to 1.5 hours for $35 a week. Mostly in the form of Chick-fil-a or McDonald’s because My Peculiar is a picky eater. ~ 2 hours/week, $40/week

The book calls this “Daily Decompression”

“Do you come home from your job zestful and full of life, joyously launching into personal or planetary projects or into intimate sharing with your family or other loved ones?” Honestly it takes awhile for me to get into a ‘zestful’ moment after work. Sometimes I have time to decompress, sometimes I don’t. I reckon maybe 2 hours a week and thank goodness I don’t spend any money on recreational substances. My preference though would be a Hanalei Island IPA by Kona Brewing Co. ~ 2 hours/week, $0

“Escape Entertainment” – Yes, PLEASE!

“Escape from what? What is the prison or restrictive circumstance from which you must flee? If your experience of life was consistently fulfilling and exciting, from what would you escape?” I’m telling you right now Miss Vicki Robin is my new BFF. I understand some entertainment can promote inspiration and imagination. And some, like what I do when I play games on my smartphone, are used to escape not only work but sometimes, also, real life. I’m assigning escape SPECIFICALLY FOR WORK 5 hours and $3 a week. ~ 5 hours/week, $3/week


“Examine your balance sheet of assets and liabilities. Are items listed there that you wouldn’t have bought had they not been directly related to your job?” As a single parent, day care expenses wouldn’t be on the list for me if I didn’t have a job. Thank goodness the school provides an after-school program at a reasonable cost and the rest of the time My Extraordinary can take care of My Peculiar… at least until he leaves in three months, then this cost would go up. ~ 8 hours/week, $25/week

That’s as far as I go. Your Money or Your Life also mentions Vacations and Job-Related Illness

So… Time and costs for travelling has always been one of the best experiences of my life. I don’t need to travel for work either. Well, not anymore thank goodness.

See, some people also get sick because of work. It’s called stress. I can’t count this because, and I’m ever grateful, I hardly get sick. Maybe once every few years if that.

This is gonna be harmful to my eyes…

  Hours/Week Dollars/Week Dollars/Hour
Job Before Adjustments 30 333 $11.10
Travelling to Work + 3.5 – 30  
Decking Out + 1 – 5  
Potluck + 2 – 40  
Decompression + 2 0  
Escape Entertainment + 5 – 3  
Extras + 8 – 25  
Time & Money Spent to Maintain Job + 21.5 – 103  
Job AFTER Adjustments 51.5 230 About $4.47

Just making $4.47, less than half minimum wage even.

And… you know what’s more interesting? When I did the same Step using my previous real estate job, I made more money, but my real hourly wage was lower.

This really puts things in perspective though. This information will really help when I decide to apply for a new job (hopefully one I can do from home). And remember, NO SHAME, NO BLAME. I do feel very vulnerable right now. But you know what? I’m fine with it… for now. My net worth is still in the positive at least. And I will be updating my Net Worth monthly as well to keep it updated. 😊

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