Step 1, Part 2 of the FI Program

cash piggy bank

The book italicizes, “Be prepared. You will be calculating your net worth, perhaps for the first time in your life.”

I guess we’re gonna find out. Time to see where I stand financially.

Liquid Assets

Cash on hand… “Include the piggy bank, the change on your dresser, the emergency money hidden in the glove compartment”

$65 and I’m sticking to this figure without calculating the change inside my car because it’s 18 degrees in my garage. Not happening… $65 it is for this category and it took an embarrassingly quite a bit of time to find the wallet I stash cash in which was in an old Michael Kors wallet that my mom got me for my birthday a couple years ago, inside an old Oakley backpack from college, inside an old Under Armour duffel bag inside one of 7 suitcases… AHA! It’s in my Da Kine luggage in particular. BEGEEZUMS!!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Liquid Assets: Savings Accounts. I’m serious, I’m tired of putting back all those bags. 😐

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