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Am I Really Going to Divulge This? Frick… Embarrassment and Awkwardness are Creeping Up

Dear Sweetie let's become debt free by 2020

It’s STILL Step One and I am already not wanting to continue. Besides, reading over the whole chapter again and I have found no areas to where I should count my retirement savings. It’s NOT liquid, nor is it fixed. So, I’m really deciding whether to even giving away the rest of my asset information. I’m starting to visualize all the…

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You Know What’s High-Priced? Fixed Assets!

person in brown coat standing by brown house

Fixed Assets!! Your Money or Your Life states, “In listing these, start with the obvious: the market value of your major possessions – for example, your house, your car(s)… Go through your attic, basement, garage, and storage shed. Itemize everything worth more than a dollar, without subjective evaluations like “That’s worthless.”” Hook me up with an inventory person because I must…

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Fishy Fishy. Fishing Around for Liquid Assets

fishing pole

Someone went fishing around for information. I’m sure you can only guess. Under normal conditions, money isn’t something I’m very eager to divulge to anybody. I keep it as a secret to my family and friends, so strangers don’t have to know. You can relate, right? Thus, since I started this site a short while ago, I found myself just having…

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Step 1, Part 2 of the FI Program

cash piggy bank

The book italicizes, “Be prepared. You will be calculating your net worth, perhaps for the first time in your life.” I guess we’re gonna find out. Time to see where I stand financially. Liquid Assets Cash on hand… “Include the piggy bank, the change on your dresser, the emergency money hidden in the glove compartment” $65 and I’m sticking to this…

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