Arrangement for the Challenge – Under the Wire “Needs”

2.5 hours until the end of Week 1 of our 100 Days to lose 20 Challenge! Aside from that we also have 23 more days until 2019 comes a waking me up… and we haven’t gone through Christmas yet!

By the way though, Merry Christmas in advance and Happy Holidays!

Writings on a Planner saying hello December
Aaah!! So very needed and did I tell you I love, love, LOVE notebooks?

Since we’ve been on the Challenge for 7 Days now, I was thinking that I should really keep track of our progress and such and hurry up and bought a planner last minute. Besides our progress, it would be nice to track other things also like holidays, birthdays, travelling excursions and why not my budget while I’m at it because I just really love to write everything except all my passwords down… maybe I should start writing those down as well because if I had a dollar for every time I clicked on ‘Forgot Password’ I think I could even set a record!

I’ll plan for almost all of it right NOW and then the whole 100 Days will be a whole lot more EFFORTLESS.

I probably should buy an undated planner with different color pens and then I will be set for any annoying, distressing, why-are-you-deciding-to-do-THAT-now changes in schedule bits.

It’s not all that bad, but it’s worth a try, yeah?

There are some items that I have bought in my hasty impatience to help myself get organized for this challenge. I just NEED this stuff, alright? I don’t have any spending issues!! Much… maybe I should track my spending on my new notebooks as well.

Colored pens on case
I only bought like 5, 10 different colors I swear! These will come in handy I just know it!!

You’d be correct to think that yes, panic is setting in but that’s just not the case…yet. Maybe I’m in denial. I am a bit bothered about the reality of this goal, howto keep our motivations going, if it’s even possible to accomplish, and if we’ll really be able to succeed.

Only two people know of this challenge, and that’s my oldest son and boyfriend… I honestly don’t remember if I’ve told my parents about it yet. We’ll see, I’ll bring up the subject after this 100-Day journey. I feel that we should just take it one day at a time while figuring out how and/or which types of exercises to do and foods to eat that fits our family’s schedules all the while making mistakes and maybe hey, we may even have perfect days! 😊